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Herro! I'm Data. I run a social media syndicate under the name DataTwoHearts. I play video games... A lot. I'm a fangirl so there will be feels and obsessing over things. I wear my troll horns proud, my two hearts on my sleeve, my trench coat dirty, my collar upturned, and my boosh is always mighty when I hunt for achievements. Fandoms come and go with me so be prepared to suffer through my obsessions with me. Uh... That's it really... This was funnier in Enochian.
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#plotting our demise

#my name is Mark Gatiss and I will kill again

 #walking home from school #and you’re minding your own business #you walk by the park #and he’s the only one in the park #and he’s doing this #and he’s staring right at you #what would you do


wtf is this omg

you’re walking on the streets

there’s no one around and the city’s dead

out of the corner of your eye you spot him

gatiss on a seesaw

he’s watchin’ you squirm from about 20 yards away

your inner Sherlockian is waiting for him to troll you but he just stares

what is he plotting

gatiss on a seesaw

you look around, expecting to see moffat too

but it is only him

what does he want you wonder

gatiss on a seesaw

(Source: brigwife)