very Villian Is A Hero In His Own Mind.
Herro! I'm Data. I run a social media syndicate under the name DataTwoHearts. I play video games... A lot. I'm a fangirl so there will be feels and obsessing over things. I wear my troll horns proud, my two hearts on my sleeve, my trench coat dirty, my collar upturned, and my boosh is always mighty when I hunt for achievements. Fandoms come and go with me so be prepared to suffer through my obsessions with me. Uh... That's it really... This was funnier in Enochian.
♠ Data
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thanks for your awesome gif set about the merlin fandom.. i am literally so upset waaah its my favourite show ever ;___;

No problem. Sorry about the show… I know it’s hard to deal with. Any show being canceled is really difficult! But that’s the BBC for you. :’( They’ll chew you up and spit you out. Stay strong, love! You’re not alone on this one. Of course, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re all really pissed at the BBC!