very Villian Is A Hero In His Own Mind.
Ainllo'Sansas-Yi! My name is Data. I reside in a small town but live in the broad world of fiction. I enjoy smart and witty entertainment, such as Sherlock and of course, Doctor Who! I have a soft spot for high-functioning sociopaths. I write, mostly fanfictions, but would love to do it professionally someday. I listen to Nerdcore and rock out to Trock. "Happy Times and Places. Live Long and Prosper. May The Force Be With You."
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That gif was very accurate, And I want to hug you so much right now. Ugh this sucks. They could have told us at the start of this season and not the month before. Oh well, it's BBC. Thank you for your support and for understanding. Other people just laugh ya know. THEY DON'T UNDERSTNAD MY FEELS

Thanks. Take a virtual hug for now! You know, I didn’t really expect that gifset to get as many notes as it has. I really just wanted all my followers that are into Merlin to know that I was here for them, even if I’m not a part of their fandom. I think its really wrong the way the BBC just pulled the carpet out from under your fandom’s feet. It was a crappy move on their part… Wait, people are laughing? Oh Hell no! Point them out and the SPNFamily will get their shotguns, the Whovians will load us into the TARDIS, and the Sherlockians will talk them to death with brainy deductions and witty cynicisms. Ehehe. Really though, haters are gonna hate. But they should remember who they’re dealing with!